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Clapperbie is a screenwriting and pre-production software that has a full range of features to help you focus on the story and forget about formatting. Clapperbie goes even further and provides a unique set of tools for creating and extending exciting and elaborate fictional universes.

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You can start using the application online without providing personal data. Or download the application for your operating system. You also don't need to link a card to start using the app.


Despite the fact that you can use all the features online, we do not send any information about the results of your work to our servers. Everything is stored on your device.


Clapperbie covers all stages, from research, building the world, thinking through the structure of the script to creating shot lists and storyboards. You can find more details below.


Clapperbie is the best choice for those who are working on an already existing universe: whether it's a franchise or a TV series. The ability to add multiple scripts to the project and reuse their "entities" (characters, locations, props) allows you to significantly reduce the time to explore the universe.

But even if you are working on a story from scratch, the functionality of filling the project with additional details, visual references and the ability to quickly switch to them makes your story deeper and more elaborate.

Index cards will help bring the story structure to the ideal, and the statistics feature will tell you about your script even what you didn't know yourself.

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With automatic formatting, you can be sure everything is up to industry standards.

Text highlighting and auto-complete make writing a script more convenient than ever before. And the ability to customize the application appearance helps to build the right atmosphere.

The filter feature hides everything unnecessary to focus on the most important. Scenes and a story map allows you to quickly navigate through the story.

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Use the comments feature to leave notes or share feedback.
Breaking down the script will help you better understand the budget and prepare for production.

Use the simplest way to build a shot list by selecting part of the script text and even create a storyboard right in the app by drawing sketches for each shot.

Export and print tools help you take everything offline.

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