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Why Clapperbie?

Over the past decades, the share of sequels, prequels or spin-offs has grown significantly. And this is not surprising, the commercial potential of this kind of films is higher than that of the original projects. In the wake of the Marvel Cinematic Universe success, each studio is trying to build its own universe or start a franchise.

And don't forget about streaming services that produce hundreds of series every year.

The current situation imposes additional responsibility on screenwriters. Now it is not enough to write a great script, it must fit well into the already created cinematic world.

And that's what we're happy to help with.

Now you don't have to start everything from scratch. Unlike other screenwriting software, we allow you to include several scripts in the project, the details of which can be reused within the project. That is, already existing characters, locations, relationships between them and much more will be available when writing a new story.

We believe this approach helps to make fictional worlds more coherent and elaborate.

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