Location Statistics

To view a location statistics, go to the locations list, hover over an item in the list, click on the More icon (three dots) and select the Statistics option.

Location Statistics Tab Location Statistics Tab


The panel shows a list of all mentions of the location in the project.
Each list item contains the title of the script, the page number, and the number of the paragraph on the page where the location is mentioned.
If you click on an item in the list, you will jump to that place in the text of the script.

Mentions Panel Mentions Panel

Mention Frequency

The panel shows the number of mentions on each page of each script in the project.
You can turn off scripts that you are not interested in by clicking on it in the legend.

 Mention Frequency Panel Mention Frequency Panel


The panel shows a list of characters who have ever visited the location. The number of all visitors per character is indicated in parentheses.
Locations are considered visited by characters if these characters were mentioned in the corresponding scene.
In the header of the panel, the number of characters who have ever visited the location is indicated in parentheses.

Visitors Panel Visitors Panel

Visitors Network

The panel displays the number of visitors, highlighting the most popular ones.

Visitors Network Panel Visitors Network Panel

You can zoom in or out of the network using the icons in the upper right corner.

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