Script Storyboard

To open the script storyboard tab, go to the scripts list, hover over an item in the list, click on the More icon (three dots) and select the Storyboard option.

Storyboard Storyboard

The panel header contains the number of shots in parentheses and action icons.

Each card in the panel represents a shot. On the card you can see the scene number, the shot letter, the size of the shot, its angle and description.
When you hover the mouse over a card image for a while, the tooltip displays the full description of the shot.

To add a shot to the panel, use the selection menu in the script editor.

Image Editor

You can quickly draw a sketch directly in the storyboard tab. Just click on the shot card to open the editor.

Storyboard Editor Storyboard Editor

In the editor, you can choose the color, opacity and size of the brush, or clear the canvas.


Filters in the storyboard tab work the same way as in the shots list tab.


Sorting in the storyboard tab work the same way as in the shots list tab.

Export to PDF

You can export the storyboard to an PDF file using the Export icon from the panel header.
Alternatively, you can send the storyboard to print using the Print icon (available only in the web version).

Storyboard PDF File Storyboard PDF File

Note that the filter and sorting settings are also applied when exporting.

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