Google Sign In

Cloud storage is powered by Google Drive. Therefore, you must first log into Google and give Clapperbie permission to interact with your drive.

Don't worry, Clapperbie will only have access to files that were created in the Clapperbie app. Clapperbie will NOT have access to any of your other data stored on your Google Drive.

Moreover, the folder where the projects will be stored is available only from the Clapperbie app - so, your disk will not be littered.

Initial View Initial View

To sign in, click on the "Sign In" icon at the top of the panel and follow the Google sign-in process:

Google Email Dialog Google Email Dialog
Google Password Dialog Google Password Dialog

Optional dialog:

Google 2-Step Verification Dialog Google 2-Step Verification Dialog

The previous dialogs can be replaced by the following one:

Google Choose Account Dialog Google Choose Account Dialog

Grant access to Clapperbie:

Google Consent Dialog Google Consent Dialog

Cloud Projects

In the header of the panel, in parentheses, the number of projects stored in the cloud is indicated.
The body of the panel contains a list of projects, where each item has the name of the project and the time it was uploaded to the cloud.

Cloud Projects Panel Cloud Projects Panel

When you click on the "Cloud" icon - the current version of the project that is currently open will be uploaded to the cloud.
To open a project stored in the cloud, just click on an item in the list.
To delete a project from the cloud - move the mouse over the list item and then click on the "Remove" icon.

Remove Cloud Projects Icon Remove Cloud Projects Icon
Cloud Projects Remove Confirmation Cloud Projects Remove Confirmation

Items in the list can be changed from your other device, to get an up-to-date list of projects - click on the "Refresh" icon.
To log out of your Google account - click on the "Sign Out" icon.

You can use cloud projects as backups or for synchronization between devices.

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